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If your child is having trouble in school, whether it is academically or behaviorally, we can help. ADHD Behavioral & Learning Disability Center in Wilmington, Delaware, is a diagnostic medical practice, specializing in ADHD treatment and treatment for a variety of other behavioral disorders.

Symptoms of ADHD
Children with ADHD may have problems learning, disrupt class, exhibit a low attention span, and have low self-esteem. If this sounds like your child, diagnostic testing can help.

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Runs in the Family
ADHD is hereditary, so we see many parents who often have the same symptoms as their children! By learning about ADHD and treating your child, you can learn how to manage your symptoms as well.

About Dr. Storlazzi
Our pediatrician, Dr. Joseph Jordan Storlazzi, specializes in ADHD treatment. He has been in practice for 40 years and having suffered from ADHD as a child before it was a common diagnosis, he understands how the symptoms can negatively impact your child’s life.

Dr Storlazzi has persevered with the help of ADHD treatment and looks forward to offering your child the same results.
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