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Dr. Storlazzi is retiring as of 10/15/17. Patients need to call the office to schedule a time to pick up a copy of their medical records before 12/31/17.

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If your child is having trouble in school, whether it is academically or behaviorally, we can help. ADHD Behavioral & Learning Disability Center in Wilmington, Delaware, is a diagnostic medical practice, specializing in ADHD treatment and treatment for a variety of other behavioral disorders.

Dr. Storlazzi

Dr Storlazzi has been a pioneer in ADHD diagnosis, treatment and management for over 40 years. He is able to share his unique perspective across a life span because he also has ADHD, which he has managed through childhood to adulthood. Dr. Storlazzi was drawn to this area of practice after experiencing how ADHD affects a person's life and self-esteem. He is dedicated to helping others successfully manage ADHD.

Dr. Storlazzi wants you to understand, "Many children who suffer from ADHD, are above-average intelligence".

Let ADHD Behavioral & Learning Disability Center help you discover ways to treat and manage your child's condition today!
Some of Dr. Storlazzi's Background Includes:
  • Degree as a Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician.
  • Practiced at DuPont Hospital for over 15 years in a multi-disciplinary practice for children suffering with ADHD.
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Symptoms of ADHD in Wilmington, Delaware

Symptoms of ADHD

Children with ADHD may have problems learning, disrupt class, exhibit a low attention span, and have low self-esteem. If this sounds like your child, diagnostic testing can help.
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Runs in the Family

ADHD is hereditary, so we see many parents who often have the same symptoms as their children! By learning about ADHD and treating your child, you can learn how to manage your symptoms as well.
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About Dr. Storlazzi

Our pediatrician, Dr. Joseph Jordan Storlazzi, specializes in ADHD treatment. He has been in practice for 40 years and having suffered from ADHD as a ... Read more
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